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After recently reading a blog post written last year by Sean Hyson, it made me think about the importance of including this #1 most important element into your training to get the best results possible.

You can have the best training program in the world, but your results will still lag behind their full potential without it. To find out what it is, click here


Reducing intake of calories for Fat Loss is….WRONG!

Some of you may be looking at the title saying, “What is he talking about? If we want to lose fat, we have to make a reduction in our calories to obtain an energy deficit, right?”. Let me explain….

It seems that the first thing people do when trying to lose fat is to stop eating food….WRONG! Unless you are a chronic over-eater than YES, you must reduce your calorie intake. But in my many years as a trainer, I believe 90% (my own statistic!) of people simply attempt to reduce calories and then do long distance running to lose weight. And almost all of them fail to obtain their desired goal. Why? Let me explain…READ MORE


8 Steps to Self Confidence

Throughout my work career in the Australian Army and now in the fitness industry a huge contribution to success in life is totally dependent upon having self-confidence. Without it, it’s almost impossible to be awesome and succeed in social circles, financial development and your work career. Having just recently watched a YouTube video of Navy Seal, David Rutherford, I thought I would basically provide a quick summary of what he says and add a few words of my own experiences as well. Please click HERE to read more and watch the accompanying video as well!


Life Lessons from an Old Bloke!

The follow passage I ‘borrowed’ from the Sunrise Facebook page. It’s not particularly relevant to my or your family but I think there are many points in here that I think we all overlook in our lives and can take heed from. Enjoy the read and hopefully you can apply some of them to your life…I know I will! READ MORE


How to Build Muscle & Lose Fat

I think we all get caught up in the myriad of information available on the internet these days and can get caught up in the marketing tactics on how to ‘Lose Fat Fast’ or ‘Build Bigger Biceps’ or ‘Get a Six Pack in Two Minutes a Day’. So what am I discussing with you? Is it another marketing tactic? No. This is straight-up no bullshit information for you to use in your training whether you train here at The Gym Yamba, at home by yourself or at some other gym. READ MORE


Your Gym Options in Yamba

It isn’t hard to see why Yamba was voted the Best Small Town in Australia. We have a huge variety of beaches, points, headlands, fishing spots and National Parks plus really awesome people and local businesses. With this comes an opportunity to be fit and healthy. But where to start?  There are so many gym and training options here. In this article I’m going to list what I think your main options are and my opinion on what they can do for you. READ MORE