Fitter, Stronger, Faster

Kim G 1st Sept 2012

Kimmy G

I have been attending the group classes at The Gym Yamba now since March 2012, and for me, I have found this to be by far the most rewarding and motivating type of training I have ever experienced! Before I started, I was stuck in a terrible cycle of bad eating, constantly tired – just generally unhealthy – and I wasn’t getting the results with my current training, ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! I’d heard about Matt and decided to give him a try – easily one of the best decisions of my life!

Matt is an excellent trainer, and his focus is RESULTS! Not only has he been motivating and dedicated to helping me achieve my goals, he has helped me understand nutrition and develop a lifestyle full of tasty, healthy eating – rather than some fad diet to lose weight.

Now, over winter, I have dropped 3 dress sizes and am far fitter & stronger than I ever thought I could be. While I still have a long way to go, I’m just looking to be the best version of myself that I can – already I feel a better, happier and healthier me, and I’m enjoying every achievement along the way!

Joining The Gym with Matt was the best thing I have ever done – I’m loving life, I feel fantastic & the crew are fantastic to train with – there’s a certain sense of camaraderie that’s really motivating for us all!

If you ACTUALLY want results, it’s the only way to go. THANKS MATTY! I couldn’t do it without your help!

Kimmy G