Fitter, Stronger, Faster


Maggie Simpson

“I have been going to The Gym Yamba for 3 months now doing PT with Matt. I love training with Matt because he is a great motivator, a lovely guy, and very serious about what he does. I have been to many gyms before and have done PT for a while back in Holland (where I’m from) but not once before did I actually believe in the change my body could make.
Training with Matty has so far given me amazing results, I feel fit and strong and my body is toning up after only 3 months. I have received countless compliments on my improved physique which I can confidently say is a result of my training at The Gym Yamba with Matt. I can strongly recommend joining The Gym Yamba and training with Matty because he really can help you achieve your personal goals no matter what level you are at.”
Dr Maggie Simpson