Fitter, Stronger, Faster

After Renee


Hey folks,
I have been training now for about 5months with Matt Carlin at The Gym Yamba. I would have to say that it was one of the the best decisions that I have made. I had procrastinated and made excuses for not truly looking after myself for a long time.
I do two Personal Training sessions and two classes every week. I love the variety; every time I go to The Gym Yamba there is something different, fun and challenging on the cards. Matt really knows his stuff, he is encouraging and dedicated to my goals. In 5 months, my whole body shape has changed. My goal was not only about weight loss, as i had done a bit of that already on my own, but to build muscle, just get fitter overall and get those guns happening!!
Out of all the gyms that I have gone to in my life, I truly believe that The Gym Yamba is the best. Fun and motivated people to train with, a trainer that goes out of his way to make time for everyone, is well educated, researched and dedicated to all his clients. I just can’t give it a big enough wrap. It has definately changed my life for the better and I can’t wait to see what results I can achieve in the future.
Classic “selfies” show the progress so far – enjoy peoples.
Renee 🙂