Fitter, Stronger, Faster

Tracy After

Tracy Anderson

One of the best things I have ever done was pick up the phone and ring Matt Carlin and book my spot in his Summer Boot Camp in December 2011. Since that first day training with Matt I have not looked back! And have continued my training with Matt at The Gym Yamba facility. I love Matt’s no bullshit get in and get it done attitude. He is passionate about what he does and it shows in the support he gives to his clients/friends. Matt is always there to guide, teach and push you to get thru it when it all feels too hard – without being a drill sergeant!

Since starting with The Gym Yamba I am doing up to 15 full push ups on my toes (after not being able to do ONE on my knees 9 months ago), on my way to doing an unassisted pull up, pushing over 70kg on the prowler and running! Something I never thought I would or even could do. I have dropped too many centimetres all over to count, I am down 3 dress sizes and have lost over 10kg whilst building muscle (so probably about 12kg of fat). My body now has shape and definition with my tuck shop lady arms being replaced with biceps & triceps.

People who have not seen me for a while cannot believe it is me and take a double look to make sure! I have never felt so healthy, happy and alive since starting to train.

If you want to train in an AWESOME environment with an AWESOME trainer, get AWESOME results and to feel Fitter, Faster and Stronger without any gimmicks ringing Matt and coming to The Gym Yamba will be the best thing YOU ever do! Tracy Andersen NOTE: Since the last pic was taken (start of 13 Week Body Challenge – 1st Sept 2012) she has lost another 3kg of fat in 4 weeks!! Well done Trace!!! – Matt (The Gym Yamba)