Current Timetable – as of 1st July 17

Gym Hours of Operation: 6-7am & 9am – 7pm Mon – Fri / Sat by appointment






All sessions are 1 hour length including warm up and cool down.

TEAM Training:

These are our premium group training sessions. They are the fastest way in a group training session to get results! The program is designed to build strength, muscle and improve your conditioning. We incorporate an athletic type training system through the use of weights and body weight exercises. The largest focus in this class is on improving YOU! If you’re looking for a new physical challenge, then definitely give this a try!

Total Body:

The session is specifically designed for those with busy family lives, love training early in the morning or after school kids drop-off and are looking for a full-body training session coupled with high intensity cardio. Short, fast & effective! Suitable for ALL ages (male or female). This training session is great for Fat Loss, Strength, Muscle Toning and Fitness – It is also one that leaves you feeling GREAT after you train!

Teen Strength & Fitness:

A 45 min session that is focused primarily on developing sound movement patterns for developing strong levels of balance, strength and fitness for young athletes looking to improve their sporting performance. There will be a focus on developing specific skills for surfing but the training can be applied to all sports at a teenage level. If your child plays sport at any level then they will significantly benefit from doing these sessions twice per week.