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Please be mindful that we are not a commercial facility looking to just take your money.  Being strong, fit and healthy is our training philosophy.  We feel strongly about providing you with the best possible service by motivating and coaching you to achieving your personal goals. To encourage and guide you to become the ‘Best Version of Yourself’.

We realise that you have other choices when it comes to fitness and we’d like to thank you for choosing ‘The Gym’ Yamba.  We believe we have the best training facility in town, with attentive, experienced and educated coaching staff, a variety of high-quality functional training equipment, and a clean and open facility.

We also realise that we are not the cheapest fitness option in town – however before choosing a gym based on price, please ask yourself “Am I looking for the ‘cheapest’ gym or do I want results?”.  We believe in today’s society, that you get what you pay for.  Customer Service  and your Results are our #1 Priority

If you want results and are willing to work for it, then you’ve made the right choice.


28 DAY CHALLENGE – This program is commenced at the start of every month. It is low cost and low commitment. We aim to teach you our training philosophies and run you through the basic techniques within our training program. You’ll also be coached through personal nutrition strategies to assist with any weight loss/gain you’re wanting to change. This is the first step to joining The Gym Yamba Family.



     We have options to suit everyone who wishes to become part of our family. You can choose to do Personal Training ONCE per week up to SIX days per week. To find out more, please leave us your contact details here so that we can organise a FREE Initial Strategy Session to discuss your goals and answer any questions you may have.


     We have two options for our Group Training:
Option One TEAM TRAINING (Mon, Wed, Fri – 6am / 430pm / 530pm) – This group training option is for our more committed and results focused members. Can you only train early morning or late afternoon but still want the results driven focus of Personal Training? Then this is for you. Please contact us here for more information.

Option Two TOTAL BODY (Tue & Thu – 6am & 530pm + Mon Wed Fri 930am + Sat 6am) – These sessions have been created for those who love to train to maintain their fitness and strength or use it to supplement their activity outside of the gym. It is an effective full body training session that will leave you feeling energised whilst developing an excellent level of personal strength & fitness. For more information, please contact us here.


Enjoy access to our high-quality training facility which includes the following:

  • Over 600kg of weight plates with standard and thick barbells.
  • Pro-Style dumbbells ranging from 1kg to 50kg.
  • A large range of Kettlebells from 4kg up to 56kg.
  • Power Racks, GHR, Cable Crossover, Leg Press, Prowler Sled, Concept2 Rowers, AirDyne Bike, Spin Bikes & plenty of ancillary strength & conditioning equipment.
  • Professionally designed standard strength & conditioning programs available for use.

 If you would like to use our training facility please contact us here to discuss how we can assist you.


          GYM – $10/session

         GROUP TRAINING – $15/session

        PERSONAL TRAINING – $70 per 1 hour session / 5 pass for $300 / 10 pass for $500


Weekly Direct Debit facilities available from your nominated bank account or credit card through our affiliate ‘EziDebit’.  Cancel anytime, we just need two weeks written notice.