TEAM Training: TEAM Training sessions are focused on building full body strength in a group setting. All clients from beginners to advanced are catered for at their current abilities making it an excellent training option for all. You will learn how to move and lift correctly to avoid injuries in and out of the gym all in a positive and supportive training environment.


Total Body: This session is specifically designed for those with busy family lives. A full-body functional movement session combined with moderate intensity cardio to improve fat loss and increase heart health. Short, fast & effective!


Bootcamp: Our coach uses his extensive experience from 12 years in the Australian Army to give you the REAL Bootcamp experience. Just you, your mates and the sound of your heart. Give it your best!


FIT in 45: Short on time? Friday got you in the Feelz? A structured strength and fitness class designed to get as much work done in minimal time. We’re not here to lick stamps. Get in, Train, Go home!


HIIT: A high intensity 45 min training session that is focused on getting your heart rate up to improve your fitness and crush your fat loss goals! Minimal fitness required – maximum results obtained!