Want to improve your sports performance?

Professionally designed training programs catered for all sports with a specific knowledge on Surfing and Rugby League/Union.

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Personal Training

The programing is 100% tailored for you and is based on a tried and true formula for successful fat loss and muscle strengthening. The focus of each training session is to achieve new results whether it’s one more rep than last session, moving a heavier weight or improving your conditioning level! The only way to improve is to go to the next level every time!!

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One on One

Are you always trying to achieve your ideal body, but never really getting the results? One-on-One Personal Training is your solution! Have you tried the ‘gym thing’ but get overwhelmed with all the machines and what to do with them?

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Group Training

Group Training Classes A key component of the training philosophy of ‘The Gym Yamba’ is to train with like-minded individuals to encourage outstanding results. To achieve success in life, be YOU and surround yourself with successful people. If being fit, strong & lean is what you seek…then The Gym Yamba is where you’ll find it.

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