Personal Training

Fitter, Stronger, Faster

Group Men Training

The programing is 100% tailored for you and is based on a tried and true formula for successful fat loss and muscle strengthening. The focus of each training session is to achieve new results whether it’s one more rep than last session, moving a heavier weight or improving your conditioning level! The only way to improve is to go to the next level every time!!

Matty, the Head Trainer can help men & women of all ages and fitness levels to build more muscular and lean physiques.

We also maintain the most financially economic personal training system in Yamba. We are not ‘cheap’ by the word as our training is first class, however we do not believe in charge astronomical rates for people to achieve their personal goals. We facilitate this reduced cost through semi-private training sessions where you can train with up to 1 or 2 others at the same time. This also creates a comaradarie that will help you keep motivated and honest about achieving your personal goals.

Call and speak to Matt about how we can help you.